Monthly Archives: December 2011


It’s become my new favorite thing to take pictures around my yard in different weather conditions wearing super cute outfits. My neighbors probably think I’m some weirdo.  There goes that crazy DeHaas lady taking pictures of her dead ugly yard again wearing her husbands shoes and large frumpy clothes. Yep that’s me.  I usually take...

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Tire swing

I got my first stitches while playing on a tire swing.  I was doing what we use to call “flying”.  This is where the person in the middle spins the tire around and you hold on to the chain for dear life while your legs flap out in the wind horizontally.   You don’t want to...

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O Christmas Tree

It just doesn’t feel like the Christmas season until we have our  Christmas tree set up and that fresh pine smell filling our house, so yesterday we set out in search to find one that would look good in our living room.  We searched two different tree lots and froze our booties off before we...

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